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  1. Map name : ShadowrazeWars v5.6 Map Link :
  2. Team Name : RPGO Team Captain : Bigshaq Team Members : BigShaq , JaNeZzZ
  3. Map name : Shadowraze Wars v2.4 Map Link : please Upload this <3 I removed some trees and expand the road and some decorations And now better than Before please Upload this Map <3
  4. Now we can easily download the maps !! Thank You & Ace
  5. RGC Username : AzgiN
  6. AzgiN
  7. Your RGC display name: AzgiN How you can contribute to SGL: Collect as many players as possible by respecting all players and i will try to do my best Why should we select you:B ecause I have experience i worked in many room as a manager Additional Information Your name : AzgiN Age: 16 Country :Jordan Languages you speak : English , Arabic Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: 8 How often active are you: Always Online Where do you play i am playing in My home
  8. Team Name : LiMBo Team Captain : AzgiN Team Memebers : ๖Myut , AzgiN
  9. Tournamnet information Map: [447] MagicFootball2.0BetaFix1.w3x Mode: AR Date: 2018/02/3 Time: RMT (Server Time): 15:00 (type /time on client to get accurate timing) Format : Final bo3 Registration limit : 1 hour before the tournament. Room: (EU) RPG Mix Bot: .fr Prizes : 1st 50 rgds + RC + RC BreadFish 2nd 30 RGDS + RC + Admin TheWalkingDead 3rd 20 rgds + Admin TheWalkingDead + TC in Legendary General/InGame Rules 1. Disqualification time will be every 20 mins. 2. any kind of bug abuse isn't allowed. 3. Note: Rmk is allowed in Score 0-0 4. Multi accounting will lead to permanent tournament ban from EU RPG Tours. Registration Format Team Name: LiMBo Team Captain: AzgiN Team members: TenSeGiaN , AzgiN 1 Reserve is allowed : Monkeys|4ever Sponsored by: Monkeys|4everTour Organizers: AzgiN , TenSeGiaNContact AzgiN or Monkeys|4ever , TenSeGiaN for any question you have.
  10. Team Name : LiMBo Team Captain : AzgiN Team Memebers : Monkeys|4ever , AzgiN
  11. `RefLex
  12. Mahdi.Kalaei
  13. `Kaneki.
  14. #Ðarkness