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  1. since when some one get ban because of his private opinion in private message? if u check it out ip address of username in the pic "cjpro*" you will find out he is one of iranian admins who has personal problems with Hyaena and besides that the screen shot is not complete without any date and thats not an acceptable evidence for a client ban.
  2. Ban :bachefigor reason : Gr andakhtane lvle 1e ogre lord Blood lust az aval ta akhare game be yar khodi
  3. shoma unban shodid . dar nazar dashte bashid az shanse unbane khod estefade mikonid . [03:13] Adib: !timeunban hadi11_11 Chance given hadi11_11 has been unbanned by Adib.
  4. ban sahih bude. bane shoma az 5 rooz be 10 rooz afzayesh yaft . baste shod .
  5. [05:28] ExpertAdib: !timeban SUPERJACK666 5d leaver 2nd SUPERJACK666 is now timebanned from this channel until 03:11 on 31/05/2018
  6. ban sahih bude dar soorat spam az forum niz ban khahid shod . baste shod .
  7. ● قوانین تیم کاپیتان ها در روم ایران لود : [03:56] ExpertAdib: !vouch Atishpareh Tc Req (+1650+60) Atishpareh is now vouched in this channel. [03:56] ExpertAdib: !setaccess Atishpareh 18 Atishpareh is now Team Captain in this channel.
  8. [03:53] ExpertAdib: !unvouch Lowse using cmd in foreign host Lowse has been unvouched.
  9. [03:50] ExpertAdib: !timeunban you_pro:) abuse name changed you_pro:) has been unbanned by Adib.
  10. Shanse unban motassefane nadarid . ta payane zamane mahrumiat sabur bashid . baste shod .
  11. [03:47] ExpertAdib: !timeunban TeMatéRata chance given TeMatéRata has been unbanned by Adib.
  12. ban sahih bude . baste shod .
  13. closed.
  14. [05:15] ExpertAdib: !timeban !Liveee! 2d Abusive !Liveee! is now timebanned from this channel until 02:59 on 27/05/2018 !Liveee! has been kicked by Adib.
  15. demot shod .