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  1. 1. ThK.PotM 2. flames 3. You just have been banned by the "fucker" cedric again [22:24:38] # Cedric: !timeban ThK.PotM 3d get some manners ThK.PotM is now timebanned from this channel until 22:32 on 23/08/2017 good day sir. 4. flames are not bannable...look at this because you dont know rules maybe--> We DON'T ban for: Trash talking and/or flaming is not bannable. This is an online game where trash talking will occur - some may consider it a strategy. However, if it turns into excessive spamming/flaming & Racism (floods the screen/impedes proper game play) -- then a ban may be warranted. you can always use !mute <slot#> to mute the player that trash talked. (Ying's post) 5. As i said before all of you admins are useless , you destroy the rgc , you destroy the games and you re the worst gaming platform who dont apply YOUR RULES . good day trash.
  2. 1. ThK.PotM 2. Leaver 3. 4. Disconnect, no leave. 5. (minute 22:42, ThK.PotM dropped by disconnect by timer) Can someone explain to me why this fucker Cedric banned me for 2 days? I have answer,because he s admin and he didnt see the replay,he confirmed a report without watching nothing.When one trusted member make a report,like this asshole( |-UnDeRTaKeR-| ) who made a fake report , admins dont watch replays . I disconnected both of you rubbish and I punished for 2 days without reason.. congratulations rgc , you are a gaming platform who changes the rules whenever you want. I hope that everyone will see how fake you are
  3. 1.ThK.PotM 2.leave 3. 52107360-leave 4.can someone exlpain me how the fuck i banned for leave?where is the granted ban request?when did i leave the game exaxtly?there is not link or replay.are u fuckin idiots there? 5.
  4. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. Shadow_Demon## 3. 4. Game-Ruin-afk 5. Shadow_Demon## was void and he was afk 2-7 and 9-11 minutes.
  5. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. miniscuss 3. 4. Game-Ruin-afk 5. miniscuss was invoker and he was afk 34-36 and 38-42 minutes.
  6. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. HASANRASOLI 3. 4. Game-Ruin-permanent flames-antigamer 5. HASANRASOLI was spectre and he used permanent flames,at 2 minute(fuck u mom,fuck all),10 (fuck your mom moon 3),11(fuck your mom),12(fuck mom all),22(fuck you mom),24(fuck u mom),32(fuck your mom moon),34(fuck u mom),46(fuck u mom).
  7. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. KOFEN*MakeR* 3. 4. Game-Ruin-leave-afk 5. KOFEN*MakeR* was terrorblade and he was afk 24-35 minutes and he left the game at 38:03 minute.
  8. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. 0ftm0 3. 4. Game-Ruin-leave 5. 0ftm0 was mortred and he left the game at 32 minute.
  9. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. TheBulgarian , takatoukas 3. 4. Game-Ruin-afk-leave 5. TheBulgarian was pudge and he was afk 22-37 minutes. takatoukas was spectre and he lest the game at 8 minute.
  10. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. wHexCoZ , remix?? , remix?? 3. 4. Game-Ruin-afk-leave-sold his items-flames 5. wHexCoZ was earthshaker and he died on purpose 6 times totally at 1-3 minutes,at 4 minutes he left his items in opponents tower and the enemy took them and he left at 5 minute,he used flames at 2 minute(fuck your dead sister). remix?? was invoker and he left hte game at 9 minute. Tico1993 was naix,he sold his items at 9 minute and he was afk 9-28 minutes.
  11. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. belivmyself , FFBLACKINBLACK 3. 4. Game-Ruin-afk and leave-permanent flames 5. belivmyself was huskar and he was afk at 53-58 and 60-62 minutes, he left the game at 64 minute. FFBLACKINBLACK was sniper and he was flaming me without reason at 10-12 minutes (mf stealer,mirana fuck your mom ass,fuck your sister,mf stealer dog,fuck your sister pussy mirana) and at 23 minute(mirana fuck your sister) and at minute 61(mirana mfffff). Casper's anwer... belivmyself is now timebanned from this channel until 06:36 on 13/08/2017the user wll be warnedyou just mute him anw What do you mean that you ll warn him?and what the fuck means mute him?He was flaming all game and i ll just mute him?you should punish these behaviours,I thougth that this is admin's job,dont wonder then why rgc sucks when you don't punish your punished the low point leaver with 2 days because he was afk and not the game ruiner of 3500 points,this is rgc's justice. gg admins
  12. 1.ThK.PotM 2. Likemie 3. 4.Game ruin-afk 5. Likemie was kunkka and he was afk at 17-22,24-25,50-53 minutes.
  13. 1.ThK.PotM 2. see_wy 3. 4.Game ruin-left the game 5. see_wy was lich and he left at minute 26.
  14. 1.ThK.PotM 2. SimplytheBest6 , de 3. 4.Game ruin-leave-sold his items 5. SimplytheBest6 was techies and he left at minute 42 . de was sniper and he sold all his items at minute 43 and he said ''i dont def''.
  15. 1. -vS.^ThK-_-| 2. Grasaksrb 3. 4. Game-Ruin-afk 5.Grasaksrb was sf and he was afk 32-38 minutes.