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  1. sorry properly for this attiubed. i apologize here from zozozoe
  2. zozozoe please unban me.
  3. idk ,I talked with you and also with him after talking us , he told me : Apply on the furom i will go and check Do you mean to apologize here? What else should I do now?
  4. i cant underestand u guys I have spoken with him and He told me to apply to the forum i will handle it myself He agreed with me.
  5. my id : ~rᴇʙᴇʟ reason : afk game
  6. i really apologize for this , but it really is the same injustice
  7. There is no one here to answer my question?
  8. can u guys cheking my request ? please ?
  9. im waiting like 12 hours...
  10. sorry but This does not have nothing to do with points and All of those in the room play like I play , Must be computerban ? If I was playing as well as you hack for me it did not matter who was in front of my. Has repeatedly been you have insulted my mother and my family. This a sign of your personality and i did not know with who I am in relation. at the end : If there is a possibility Given me another chance.
  11. i dont know why i have bcome compban but at a game zozozoe did kicked One of our team members and me told him im afk go game and he did compban me. Please tell me if this is not the abuse of power and rank, So what could be , In the event that he always insult to my mother and my family ? thx
  12. N.W.A..FUCK Game Ruin
  13. id : N2tIOn Winrate : 71%
  14. myid : rebel- Reporting : To.RnA.dO Reason : Rmk No reason
  15. id : mamad^kinG Winrate : 61%^kinG