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  1. Rebel« age : 27 How long have you been playing in (Eu) TD: 1year Brief Description about you: dota is boring for me and i want play funmap Short Comments for (EU) TD :like this room and this map is fune and good and smart game and And it differs from other rooms
  2. name team : WeMadeYou tc : Drex_r members : Rebel« k.o.d_maximus loa.mrwolf maybenexttime| backups : soon
  3. ExalTeD` low score`
  4. no need to unban anomore fucking ur mother and grand mother stupid zozozoe Maphaker And abuser staff and fucking this ansherli beatifull mother with hes family fucking this abuser client
  5. How long should I wait for your answer?? How long should I be banned for nothing reason?? some one tell me please
  6. Please Someone chek my problem. Why should i be so banned for no reason? I even apologized several times. please answer my thread
  7. No one wonts to solve my problem? Still have to be banned??
  8. cedric hi

    u talk with pepe ? im boring sir talk to him unban me please

  9. its ok ? please talk to him unbaned me so thx

  10. my id : ~ir-rebel reason : idont know maybe Annoying i am sorry pepe and i wont annoy you or nobody else again i promise.
  11. So tell me Now i what to do for unban ?

    no one wont answer me and me injustice and whithout reason bcame compbaned from rgc

    u tell me what to do ?if u dont hate me...

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    2. Rebel«


      Even if I have not done anything? :(

    3. Rebel«


      i really want to b came unban but zozozoe not atall dont answer me

    4. Rebel«


      if i apologize from him in private message enough ?

      He checks his messages ?

  12. if possible someone check this fucking post and my problem thx
  13. Still unanswered . ok