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  1. My name : mashewe Reporting : ~TheSexyTinyBoy Reason: he flamed me with parental insult and when i told him it might lead to ban he said that he doesnt care and will change windows. ( starts at 6:01 ) Game ID :#4537912
  2. My name : mashewe Reporting : ~TheSexyTinyBoy Reason : parental insult on spawn of creeps i told him it could lead to a ban result he said on my dick he will just change windows. Replay :
  3. The following user ma.7777mo.5 first went to leech and farm my neutrals then left the game at 21:40 and the host of the game started the game with player below 1650 after i asked him in lobby 1650 ? which resulted in the leaver he let in with us and made us lose the game. My nickname is : mashewe Replay:
  4. then why did the user got banned? he shouldnt be banned if someone has disconnected and the host RMK it makes sense. i dont think he broke the rules of it.
  5. my nick: mashewe his nick: andyyd replay : Reason: before game started tiny tossed an ally trying to TP to farm woods, then he joined another ally mid and refused to leave him solo mid and he tossed him 3 times to enemy tower and fed puck 3 times on mid then he went afk for the rest of the game.
  6. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : hunger_hunter45 seiger went afk from min 25-28 till end of the game Replay:
  7. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : psboy90 he just left when we were picking spells Replay:
  8. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : psboy90 he just left when we were picking spells Replay:
  9. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : [M]r...Jaghi went afk in mid game around 40 min for like 10 15 min cause he thought we were noobs and he was dying then when I told him I will ban him for being afk after 10-15 min he went back and played but ofc it was too late we had potential to win. Replay:
  10. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : amuja left game afrer game started Replay:
  11. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : Letmesolo| left early game about 1-2 minutes afrer game started Replay:
  12. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : hazard.m.m Host Rmk cause one of his teammates was afk, not my issue if he lets afk people into his host and he rmk without notice Replay:
  13. My Nickname : mashewe His NIckname : asdfghjkl9999 Ogre Lord sat afk after magina left around min 28-34 till before the game ended in 3 minute and whenever I type -afk it doesn't show that he is afk it seems he was enjoying watching the game. Replay:
  14. your username: mashewe reported username: Apachezxc reason: he remaked the game for a nonsense reason obviously i couldnt understand what he wrote but i assumed by pointing at player 3 saying he was a noob or he didnt like his picks or he didnt swap anyways i did my job here. proof (gamelog/ID replay): EDIT: On another side note ill not report him cause he appoligized but i couldnt figure out how to delete this topic.