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  1. Support!. 07:23 Sun Bloodseeker without vision 09:00 suspect move, know the position of bloodseeker 10:30 goes directly to look for bloodseeker 13:17 confirmed 100% MH, sun without vision Regards.-
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  3. MH

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  4. it was already reported
  5. that's true, you can claim here then ask to clean the history, place the order in English, the support in Spanish does not exist here
  6. you provoke your attitude, but it does not justify a 3-day ban, it really does abuse power, but you provoke it
  7. Support!. 14:00 exactly where is the riki! 14:15 Used dagger and dust 4:45 PM crossing where is the void 16:54 use powder 17:35 I use dagger exactly where is the meppo 22:59 Use Powder Mata-Giles1 is 100% Maphackerz!.
  8. Yes, but it's not enough, I do not see MH movement, there's only use of Gold Hack, it details the minutes you see that lack
  9. Support!. 1:35 |cFF00BFFFXx-=-xX (Pudge) (0/0 | 0-0)|r clicked Phantom Assassin Xx-=-xX is 100% Maphackerz!
  10. No MH, Delay Fog, only Gold Hack
  11. DENUNCIANTE: JotaCordobesRGC DENUNCIADO: Niebla-Rojà Motivo: MH REPLAY 1:3 |cFF006400Niebla-Rojà (Shadow Demon) (0/0 | 0-0)|r clicked Obsidian Destroyer Saludos.-
  12. DENUNCIANTE: JotaCordobesRGC DENUNCIADO: MH-On-Oks Motivo: MH REPLAY 11:43 |cFFA020F0MH-On-Oks (Weaver) (2/0 | 27-0)|r clicked Admiral Saludos.-
  13. No replay and multipost do it properly Close
  14. No replay and multipost do it properly Close
  15. No replay and multipost do it properly Close