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  1. I know you can see them. But they show wrong numbers. For example, a player has 585 games: 107 draws, 196 wins, 122 loses, 160 leaves. On he correctly has [196 / (585 - 107)] = 41% winrate. But when he joins the game, it shows 454 games (should be [585 - 107] = 478), 50% winrate (should be 41%) and 35% d/c. It becomes even more obvious when someone with 100% winrate and 400% d/c joins the game. Is there now a command to check the leave rate of players who joined the game before you? Also the points are incorrectly printed out as unsigned integer when the player joins the lobby (so those with negative points get a very high number). Similar !votermk bug, when someone leaves after voting and the number of required votes becomes huge, isn't fixed either.
  2. [04:18] ace (Scourge): !rmk rmk abuse.w3g
  3. afk

    猪P&Z and 2hot4you:* stayed afk under the fountain, evading -kickafk command and ignoring the defence.
  4. Double-clicking one of the open/started games in one channel sometimes shows the players in a game from another channel. For example, on EU channel it might show info about Iran game, if you are on both channels. Double-clicking started game doesn't show most of the names. Counter for "signed players" is off by one. Since the recent update the "Game started" voiceover plays even if the sounds are turned off in the client options.
  5. I wrote this some time ago on the previous board (that got wiped), but got no reply. So here's that post for the record. First of all, I'd like to note that this forum is very hard to find. It would help to have it linked on like the other parts of the site and not just from the obscure Home menu. I remember that there was a thread on the old forum about this one, but it's impossible to find now. Do something about the spam. The old forum is flooded with spam topics. Add CAPTCHA for the first 5 posts a user makes. If it doesn't help, add premoderation for the first post. On the new forum it should be possible to allow to post without premoderation for those accounts, who have played games on the platform. displays instead of Does this forum really need 5 subforums in "RGC Workshop"? Does it need separate "Announcements" and "News and Updates"? Does it need separate "Help Desk" and "Technical Support"? Add a link to on Add hero info to the gamelogs. Make gamelogs public and visible in the ladder profile. Add hero statistics to the ladder profile. See Add auto-balance to EU Public. It won't make the games balanced, but it'll help to get rid of the faggotry that goes on there right now. Let me explain. Currently players try to join as soon as possible (within a second of the game creation), stack into one team without any game ruiners and wait. Let's call this team "butt-buddies". Then some normal players and some ruiners join the other team. The normal players would try to kick the ruiners, but it's impossible, because the butt-buddies want to play against the ruiners and don't !votekick them. So the normal players are forced either to leave or to play with the ruiners. Because of this the games take longer to start. The general quality of the games lowers. And there are always open games with 5-7 players in them, which nobody wants to join. Compare it to Iran room, that has auto-balance. The games there start in 60-90 seconds. Because players just join any existing game and type !ready. Unfortunately, Iran room doesn't have auto-ban, so there are lots of leavers in there. I wonder if they even get -10 points for leaving, because I saw people with 80% leaves and >1450 pts. Reduce the slot reservation time to 30 seconds. And clear the reservation for players who have started another game. Implement a better rating system. Current system doesn't work because it doesn't take into account opponents' expected chance of winning when updating the rating (wins/loses ratio doesn't work for the same reason). Also it is not zero-sum, so you get more points the more games you play, without any increase in your skill. Something similar to Elo rating should do the job. Doesn't have to be the Elo itself — Google and Wikipedia are your friends. If such system is implemented, you don't have to remove the old rating. Keep updating both ratings independently, but use the new one for matchmaking. For the love of god, do not balance teams to achieve equal points. That does not work for DotA. 1 very skilled player with 4 ruiners will always lose to 5 average players. This does not matter with the current points system, because the points mean nothing: 2000-pts player is just the 1500-pts player who played more games. The only certain thing is that if you have <1450 pts you must be a game ruiner. Here's one possible way to balance teams, with the proper rating system in place. Sort 10 players by their rating. Team #1 gets players 1, 3, 6, 8, 10; team #2 gets players 2, 4, 5, 7, 9. Then the teams are randomly assigned sides. The idea is that the best player (1) is always with the worst player (10) and against the second best and the second worst players (2 and 9). The mid-range players can be assigned differently. The sorting can be done with rounded points, to introduce some randomness (e.g. 1467 and 1511 both rounded to 1500).
  6. Reconnect rules should be more strict. The whole time the game is frozen should count towards the lagger's disconnect timer (including the countdown after reconnect). The timer should not reset for 30 minutes or so. Currently there is a bug or exploit, when the player constantly disconnects and reconnects and can't be kicked. Disconnects should be counted as loses. Currently win_rate = [wins / (total_games - disconnects)]. It should be just [wins / total_games]. If someone won 1 game and left 9, they should have 10% win rate, not 100%. The problem is only with the info in the game lobby, is fine. Add a command to show those stats on demand, similar to !points. "!stats" maybe. Highlight game ruiners (say, those who have < 35% win rate or > 5% leaves) with color (orange, for example) when they join and in the !stats output.
  7. The client creates lots of files containing some hashes inside %systemroot% and %systemroot%\System32\ (%systemroot%\SysWOW64). Please don't do that. The client stores account password in plain text. Please, use some session id instead (like the websites do), or at least hash the password. Don't force players to join regional rooms on every log in. Instead, add those rooms into auto-join list, so they can be removed from it by the player.