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  1. GG! dnes sedun na! >> any concern /j SGL | whisper any staff or /w ichan.xviii hi send nudes
  3. Yung dating ganto view mo araw araw sa tuwing gigising ka . 0___0
    #barkodays <3

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  4. O N C E U P ON A  T I M E

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  5. it is better to change your acc. password coz this ROMANTISISMO is using your acc. to tricked some users and to make him a LEGIT AGENT OF RGC. im not accusing you. rather i just saying that ROMANTISISMO is also using your acc.
  6. Actually they talk to each other via phone call to finalize the transaction and unfortunately hes not able to screenshot their conversation they made in RGC thats why thundercatrgc cant give any screen shot of their conversation. but i am the witness of this alleged scam because ROMANTISISMO also fool me. and making me to find his buyer. thats why i know what exactly happen. and thats my fault that i trust him because he also used that Haseo acc. to make me believe that hes a OFFICIAL AGENT of RGC (he is vouch in the room /j Official RGDS S and telling me also that you sir Hakka sending him 200RGDs/week. i hope you can do some actions to prevent this kind of issue in the near future. Thanks and more power.
  7. In behalf of thundercatrgc (user name of the one who got scam) REPORTED DISPLAY NAME: Haseo, ROMANTISISMO, this ROMANTISISMO is selling GLOBAL RANK (400rank) for 3kPHP then thundercatrgc says his willing to purchase that GLOBAL RANK. and to prove that ROMANTISISMO that hes is not a scammer he used Haseo account who has 1000GLOBAL RANK and saying that he is a OFFICIAL AGENT of RGC and showing that he is vouch in the room of /j Official RGDS S so thundercatrgc think that it is true. but suddenly hes only got 600PHP so ROMANTISISMO says that he was going to give a TC (team Captain Rank) to thundercatrgc in Philippines room instead of GLOBAL RANK coz thundercatrgc is willing to purchase a rank that is permanent. so ROMANTISISMO says that he was going to give TC to thundercatrgc in Philippines room for permanent. and they talk to each other in phone, after they agree with each other thundercatrgc send the payment via MLHUILLIER amounting to P600. thundercatrgc says that this ROMANTISISMO already claim the money but the said TC is not give to him and he cant contact him again Date of Transaction: January 9 2018 Proof of Transaction: https://prnt.sc/hzfxai
  8. already unban// i hope this will not happen again. and pls let me know who ban me. https://prnt.sc/ho7t47 no proper reason. i dont use mh and i never do such things.. PS: thanks to person who unban me
  9. I got ban and i dont know what happen it indicated "SPREADING MH" wtf? i dont do such thing like mh and also in banhistory theres no client ban what happen?? Im Wondering how this happen :v
  10. http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1508398966
  11. http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1507728751
  12. http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1507728751
  13. RGC IGN : ichan.xviii Replay/Screenshot : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1505901193 Bug/error: Skeleton king is still moving after the game (it was epic) Timestamp :.. 36:50