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  1. always : ) i hate all leavers
  2. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:R31N I'm not sure, but I think he was out and when I look at only 8 I have dropped proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  3. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:DeaDLy.... proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  4. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:ALiS@on proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  5. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:Cell__________ proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  6. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:displaydick proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  7. ty ! :* : ))
  8. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:kum0ri reason :a little after 24 min pick my mask of dead and destroy on mid tower I insist on receiving at least 15 days this is unacceptable ... proof (gamelog/ID replay) <---replay
  9. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:medwed*_* reason :leaver proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  10. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:*AneSThesia* reason :leaver proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  11. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:Leoz. reason :leaver proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  12. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:;•[NanitO]• reason :leaver proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  13. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:;P4ST3LES reason :leaver proof (gamelog/ID replay)
  14. (Y)
  15. my name :Destr0_DeltA report:;((Hisel@Te@mo( reason :leaver proof (gamelog/ID replay)