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  1. !Support Maphacker Elapsed Time: 24:17 Sven suddenly use dagger and successfully killed the pudge hiding in a fog. (No vision to see pudge was there). [Suspicious] 25:25 Sven suddenly use God's strength and dagger to where Troll was farming. [Suspicious] 27:18 Sven dagger to troll in a fog. [Suspicious] 27:21 Sven suddenly dust. Knowing troll's movements in a fog. [Suspicious] 29:11 Sven directly dagger where pudge is in a fog. [Suspicious] 29:31 Sven knows Sniper was tp'ing, so he dagger to him directly in a fog. [Suspicious] 100% Confirmed Maphack User. Name: UnPapayaCoco. RGID #242450045 Room: Perú Game #56490490 Replay: Admin:
  2. !Support Maphacker Elapsed Time: 7:30 When bara charge zeus, zeus retreat. When Bara cancelled the charge, he lane. [Suspicious] 11:50 Zeus used lightning bolt to where naix is in a fog. [Suspicious] 15:35 Zeus used lightning bolt to stop bara charging in a fog. [Suspicious] 21:15 Zeus used lightning bolt to where Storm Spirit farm in a fog. [Suspicious] 23:00 and 23:15 Zeus knows where the observer wards, so he uses 2nd skill to destroy them. [Suspicious] 24:18 Zeus signal where luna was farm. [Suspicious] 100% Confirmed Maphack User. Name: razoredg3 Room: Perú Game #56493038 Replay: Admin:
  3. !Unsupport In minute 36, He died in bottom .. no Suspicious movements to be called Maphacker. In minute before 54, Oracle is seen in the river. There's an observer ward in there and Oracle is obviously going to the secret shop. nothing suspicious nor a valid valid fogclick that supports being a maphacker.
  4. ! Support Maphacker Elapsed time: 4:47 | cFF006400VIolad0r4000 (Pudge) (2/0 | 7-2) | r clicked Invoker in a fog 7:15 Pudge knows where the observer ward in the middle. So, He put sentry in there. Suspicious 8:11 Pudge knows where the observer ward in the river. So, He deward it. [Suspicious] 8:37 Pudge hooks the invisible gondar where there is no sentry. [Suspicious] 10:00 Pudge puts sentry where the observer ward of the enemy. [Suspicious] 10:15 Pudge directly hook ursa in the roshan where there is no observer ward and ursa use smoke of deceit. [Suspicious] Name: VIolad0r4000 Room: Argentina Game # 4081768 Replay: Admin:
  5. !Support Maphacker Elapsed time: 12:02 tiny suddenly put sentry were clinkz was hiding. suspicious 12:25 tiny throws avalanche were clinkz (invi) is. Suspicious 13:25 tiny knows where clinkz is, proceeds to kill, successfully killed. Suspicious 14:36 tiny suddenly use dagger to where sf is in fog. Suspicious 16:22 tiny use dagger to ogre magi in a fog. Name: CompBan???Noo Room: Argentina Game #4073136 Replay: Admin:
  6. Your Display Name: Cyanide-Reported Display Name: kalabasa143Room: PhilippinesReplay: 28mins until 52mins (end of the game)Reason: Please ban this guy, annoyingly Game Ruiner. Game Ruining like tossing allies to the enemy resulting death, waiting whoever his allies escape to toss back, using items to make the enemies survive in chronosphere, following void wherever I go.
  7. Team name: Viene Team captain: INVOKAR_LPH Team members: Cyanide-
  8. Application form 1. Your RGC Display Name : Cyanide- 2. How can you contribute to the group? : “The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired. One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley I don't know how much I can contribute to this group. One thing I'll do is that: whatever I do, work at it with all my heart. I know the works of tournament staffs. Helping and carrying the staff burdens of each other. Work as a team. Being a good staff to serve , to love, and to show no favoritism. There's a blessing and joy in serving than to be served. 3. Why should we pick you? : Because you guys are recruiting staffs in order to manage the upcomming tournaments such as ESFS and many more. I volunteer to become a tournament staff. I meet all the Requirements above and I am eligible to be pick. 4. List of the tournament you have been involved in as manager / helper / streamer (not as a player) There's nothing much on me I think I remember the tournaments I involved are: PH Tours - Map Manager (Asia) Minitours - Channel Manager Involved in helping tour of SGL Christmas Tour (Asia) Imbadota tournaments Pacific Christmas Tournament That's all for me. Thank U and more power RGC.
  9. My Display Name: Cyanide-Reported Display Name: v2Knows DPSTM.OJOJ DPSTM.TOYIRoom: PhilippinesReplay: 15:28 15:30 15:31Reason: Left The GAme
  10. !Granted ryanskie23 is now timebanned from this channel until 15:00 on 25/03/2018 Thanks for Reporting. Have a nice day
  11. Please Fix this: Display Name: Cyanide- Admin Panel: = DRAW Replay: = WIN SCOURGE Reason: There must be a bug in the buildings.. when destroyed, the game will automatically stopped
  12. Your Display Name: Cyanide-Reported Display Name: akoto_shit , Cauligne , akagami15Room: PhilippinesReplay: 48:04 48:52 48:56Reason: LEAVERS (they make the game became draw)
  13. Thank u DracoL1ch
  14. Replay / Screenshot: - Bug made in minute: After I purchase blademail at min 14.. - Short Explanation of what happened : Blademail doesn't return damage.
  15. APPLICATION FORM: (Please provide true information) 1. Your RGC & RGID Name: Cyanide- 2. How can you contribute to the group?: like before, I'll serve as a good staff to the players 3. Why should we choose you?: Base on my mistakes, I cost most of the globals my trust. Can I have 1 more chance to do it again? ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Your name: Edwin R. Balbutin Jr. Age: 16 Country: Philippines Languages you speak: filipino and english most Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: 1 hahaha How often active are you?: all day if not busy Where do you play?: home. sometimes cafe