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  1. RGC Username: TenSeiGaN
  2. RGC Username: Tinker
  3. Duel of Warlocks 1st place - 200 RGDs + Warlock Champion rank 2nd place - 100 RGDs Tour information: 24th February, Saturday 19:30 RMT Tour will be held at /j warlock.tour Mode: -a Format: 1 vs 1 Ingame Rules: Cape (Item) is not allowed Link + Time Lapse + Thrust (Ghost) combination is not allowed. Latency (20) is allowed 1 Minute pause per player is allowed ( 3..2..1.. ) Remakes are only allowed if the score is 0-0 ( one remake per player ) Registration Format: RGC Username: Ariesignis Special Thanks to Hakka for making this tour possible. Special Thanks to EU Staffs Tournamet Manager: Ariesignis Tournament Helper: Tinker
  4. !Confirmed Thrall ( midou25csc ) wasn't even trying through out the whole game just running to die. However, please provide the time-lapse for Leoric.
  5. !Denied AFKs who are dropped will be banned by autoban.
  6. !Confirmed Pudge was AFK inbetween min 33:30 - 43:30 instead of helping defend with his team.
  7. !Denied Vengeful never fed intentionally Ezalor's time lapse are given yet. Please give them. 2 Days to add.
  8. !Denied You provided the wrong names / replay. Please fix it in 2 days max. Also add ezalors time lapses otherwise we won't be able to check it.
  9. !Denied Link is wrong fix it please. 2 days to fix.
  10. !Confirmed He destroyed the rune because you reached it first at min 2:00
  11. Everyone has their own way of playing you can't expect everyone to follow your orders. Anyway this is the correct link to post a unban request. Here.
  12. That isn't possible and here is why, after being dropped for 1 minute ( doesn't have to be consecutive ) you will have the option of dropping him, which obviously didn't show up for you. This means this is a bug. Im sure RGC Team is working on fixing this problem, sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. We don't ban because YOU think someone should be banned, we ban because people break rules and what he did isn't considered game ruin.
  14. !Denied This isn't his fault actually, this is a common bug. RGC Team is probably working on fixing it.
  15. !Denied This isn't his fault actually, this is a common bug. RGC Team is probably working on fixing it.