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  1. My name is Loveca_. Leaver's names: SavitaR_ and bi_eshkel Proof:
  2. My name is Loveca_. Leaver's names: >>LindaFan<< ; tlj_06 and ( in log have 3 leavers ) batbaatar12 Proof:
  3. RGC name: Loveca_ Age: 27 How long have you been playing in (Eu) TD: I don't know.Brief Description about you: I do not smoke. Some times I smoke joint. I like to play games. I like to report leavers. Short Comments for (EU) TD: I can play legion TD and now I want to win in green td. So I want to host green td games.
  4. My name is Loveca_. [16:55] |ㄖ|[MKD]Ilievski^: !host MKD Private [16:55] [3093543] MKD Private has been hosted. MKD like Makedonia?
  5. May be is a great idea for beginer with new account and 1500 points, while he see people with 2K and more/less points. May be is a great idea for players with less than 1500 points, that many host's kick from their games...I work hard for my points and don't want to lose it. You can delete old accounts, that not join 2-3 years...I beleive, that have many options to repair RGC - not just deleting others hard work... I am noob in ru6, md... mode's, but because of me in LoD room now playing ar mode. My points are less than 1500, when I join in ru6, but that I balance my skills and points, and I have no need administrator's to delete my points.
  6. I play so much time for this points and I don't want to start again... If you clear points, you must clear and bans, to be fear...
  7. my name: Loveca_ leaver's name: sereeeee Proof: Game #51958234 Reason: leave
  8. My name is Loveca_. I want to ask why this game with game ID:2970254 end? Because the TC don't know how to write corect mode?
  9. My name: Loveca_ Leaver's name: <rgc.rampage.> Proof:
  10. my name: Loveca_ leaver's name's: Raflika and ThcTetro Proof: GID 51927705 Reason: leave
  11. [23:01] JaalxvvEzz: !host BAAGIII [23:01] [2942096] BAAGIII has been hosted. [22:56] MERLIN_RKO: !HOST LAN [22:56] [2942075] LAN has been hosted. [22:57] MERLIN_RKO: !HOST LAN [22:57] [2942077] LAN has been hosted.
  12. Unvouch request: [21:15] f4.MGL.lll: !host MoHrOJl [21:15] [2929557] MoHrOJl has been hosted. [GID 2929557] 0 Players are inside MoHrOJl (Lobby)
  13. My name: Loveca_ Should you unvouch for this gamename: ? I can't understand what mean title, I cant understand game mode...
  14. Before disconnect he was play... He switch in my team for balance, but ...
  15. My name: Loveca_ afk: Dal4High and in battle مجنووون doesn't join. He was like afk. Proof: GID 2926830