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  1. You guys have February 28 to post your applications. Please refrain from privately messaging our staff to check/follow-up if you will be chosen. Good luck and thank you for your continuous support!
  2. Prizes have already been transferred to the winners: https://prnt.sc/hsk9ul Room Champions were already set. If there are problems, please contact me or any of our Head Admins.
  3. You now have the option to purchase RGDs without going to the RGC Shop. For PH users only:



  4. jailcoart22 is now timebanned from this channel until 19:18 on 07/12/2017
  5. Posting from the old thread:
  6. PRIZES: Supreme Champion - 1000Rgds + Room Champion in Pacific (1 Month) 1st - 500Rgds 2nd - 300Rgds 3rd - 200Rgds GAME INFORMATION: Format: Single Elimination (Including Bronze match) Finals will be best of 3 Map: 6.88u4 Allstars Room: /j Pacific Hostbot: .Sg (All Asians bot) Date: December 25, 2017 - Monday Time: 12RMT / 6PM PH TIME Deadline for Signing up: December 22, 2017 - Friday GAME RULES: 1. Absolutely NO RMK after FIRST BLOOD. 2. Incomplete teams after the lapse of 30 minutes will be DISQUALIFIED. 3. Sharing accounts to play tour is PROHIBITED, IP Traced BOTH ACCOUNTS will be permanently banned in Pacific. 4. Players must be informed and a countdown (3 2 1 or 1 2 3) is required before pausing or resuming the game. 5. Players are not allowed to use the !LATENCY command unless mutually agreed. 6. Only Staff can OBSERVED the game. 7. Staff can change the RULES when/where required. ITEM RESTRICTION: NONE REGISTRATION FORMAT: Team Name: Pacific Team Captain: Riza Team Members: 1. JedTiotioen 2. Leo 3. Thunder[ϟ] 4. Hiraeth- Reserves: 1. ⌠KenSelle⌡ 2. Skadew NOTE: - MINIMUM of 5 and MAXIMUM of 7 players only. - Fewer than 70 games will not be ACCEPTED. - Incomplete teams with INVALID NAMES will not be accepted as well. **Kindly follow the correct FORMAT to avoid getting invalid entry. For questions or clarifications, please /w Bᴀs
  7. wow you are too cute to be staff :o

    1. Riza


      LOL. Thanks, I guess.

  8. Poser. Huehuehue. Joke. ^^

  9. Those who would like to pay via LBC, Cebuana, etc., please leave a message at https://www.facebook.com/rgdseller.ph/ or send an email to rgdseller.ph@gmail.com for the details. Fees and charges for money transfer will be paid by the BUYER.
  10. Ang thread na ito ay para sa mga Pilipino na gustong bumili ng Ranked Gaming Dollars (RGD) ngunit hindi makabili sa RGC Shop. Maaari mo nang gawin ito kahit wala kang Credit Card o PayPal. Ang RGDs ay maaari mong gamitin upang: 1. Bumili ng sarili mong channel. 2. Bumili ng global rank. 3. Bumili ng diamond membership. 4. Bumili ng clan color. 5. Bumili ng gold membership. 6. Magpalit ng pangalan. At marami pang iba. RGD Rates (maaaring magpunta sa http://shop.rankedgaming.com/buy.php): 10 RGD = Php90.00 50 RGD = Php351.00 100 RGD = Php680.00 200 RGD = Php1,335.00 500 RGD = Php3,300.00 1000 RGD = Php6,571.00 Sa bawat 100 RGDs na bibilhin ninyo, makakakuha kayo ng 20 RGDs na libre. Paano makakabili? STEP 1 via Metrobank Account Number: 514-3-514-47078-3 Name: Riza Kristina E. San Jose ** Will soon open a BDO Account ** (Kung gusto n'yo ng pera padala, pwede rin naman kaso lang kayo na ang sasagot ng fees/charges para sa pagpapadala ng pera.) STEP 2 I-email sa rgdseller.ph@gmail.com or i-PM sa Facebook page ng RGD Seller Philippines ang mga sumusunod na detalye: RGC Username and ID number: (makikita ang ID number sa ilalim ng pangalan mo sa RGC Shop - http://prntscr.com/hh43sy) How many RGDs to be purchased: Mode of payment: Amount paid: (magbayad ng exact amount. wala kaming panukli.) Proof of payment (attach photo of deposit slip/receipt/etc.) Example: RGC Username and ID number: Riza #230747885 How many RGDs to be purchased: 100 Mode of payment: Metrobank Amount paid: Php680.00 *attach picture of deposit slip* STEP 3 Maghintay ng reply o confirmation email galing sa RGD Seller Philippines o rgdseller.ph@gmail.com. Kapag um-ok na ito, hintayin na lamang at makukuha mo na ang RGDs mo. Para sa mga karagdagang katanungan, /w Riza
  11. #FormulaVIII is now timebanned from this channel until 14:01 on 03/12/2017
  12. Already banned.
  13. Your manner of reporting shows that you don't deserve an unban. Keep it. It's so easy to get banned for committing a violation using one account then login using another account to ask for unban pretending it's an "IP ban." You will not be unbanned. Learn to respect the staff. P.S. This isn't the first time you got banned for flaming staff. And I have personally witnessed you flaming Pacific Staff SEVERAL TIMES so don't act innocent.