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  1. zΛíφИ has been banned. Thank you for reporting. !Closed
  2. Never ever bring the topic of hate/debate about region/religion. It's considered as serious offense and permanently bannable. You are here to play games, so just play games. This shall be the last time you will be considered. Take care of it !Closed
  3. You need to learn to behave yourself. It's not the first time you have been banned for your behavior. ban is valid and will stay.
  4. Team Name: iGT (In God We Trust )Team Captain : HakkaTeam Members : Ciel , Sweety^hy , Ayano Reserve : , EraCaptain's Valid Email address : [email protected]
  5. Banner Designed by : Hakka Registration Format : Confirm your Team with only : Hakka , Enigma , Genesis , Lupin , Froz , Yiyo , xmighty Ranks and Rgds Cannot be transferred , make sure you play with your original Account. Tournament Brought to you by RANKED GAMING CLIENT (Where Gaming Matters) Special Thanks to Admin (Roger) , Charbel , zozozoe Win or Lose Play Fairly. May the best team win!!
  6. Re-checked logs, user Gambotron's thread messages has been deleted due to massive spam/foul words. Rest are normal.
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