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  1. Ban has been lifted due to insufficient proofs. If you have any you can reban with the screenshot or reliable proofs. Banning without proof/screenshot will lead to instant demotion. !closed
  2. Issue resolved. !closed
  3. Ban Expired. I hope you learned from your mistake.
  4. Firstly i already stated in forum about purchasing rgds officially. Secondly there is nothing like so-called Permanent thing. Like tc dm or even patron. but incase if you have the screenshot of the chat i will take the required action. you have 24 hrs to submit your proofs.
  5. Please Submit the conversation/ screenshot between buyer and seller to verify this report. !pending
  6. Well you did leave a game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=54832493 You dced 2 games.Anyway unbanned for once
  7. map id 2204
  8. map id 2103
  9. latest version uploaded 2197
  10. map id 2202
  11. map id 2201
  12. map id 2200
  13. map protected !Denied
  14. protected version !Denied
  15. map id 2199