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  1. refer here:
  2. Your sorry ain't getting anywhere this time since its third offense. Ban is valid and will stay.
  3. Beware of users even if they want to give you free rgds. You will end up getting banned along with scammers. Unbanned for once.
  4. In Order To Open A channel Please Fill in This Form : Your Rgc UserName: Your Location: Your Age: Channel Name: (PLease note That League names may not contain (eu) or (asia) or (sa) ) Owners Name : ( Max 3 ) League Type : Chat/Gaming | Private/Open Channel Bots: ( Europe / Asian / SA) Cost:Chat / Clan League :200 RGD'S /MonthGaming League : 300 RGD'S /Month Gaming League with staff : 400 RGDS /Month ( Addition #Commander Rank (Valid for 1 room only): 100 RGDS/Month ( Has higher level than tft/map manager i.e 1001 Can vouch custom globals level lower than you) #Channel Vip (Valid for 1 room only): 200 RGDS/Month ( Higher level than commander i.e 1050 , Ability to setaccess room champion rank , Max quota : 5 rcsNote:You Cannot Pay for Your league From RGDs you won From Tournaments nor from RGD'S Transferred From a Freind , RGD'S Has to be Purchased From Our SHOP The Owner must buy the RGDs from shop by himself, any kind of Transferred RGDs used for this purpose will be non refundable and the person who use it for the same will be banned for scamming. Requirements : To Have Decent Knowledge of RGC Commands. (!TimeBan /!TimeUnban/!Vouch/!Unvouch/!SetAccess) To Have A Clean Banhistory (Doesn't have to be fully clean , but should be reasonable ) To Be Able To Manage Staff Contact Information: Once You Read And Fill The Form , Please Email/Whisper it To : Charbel@rankedgaming.combikesh@rankedgaming.com For South America : lucas@rankedgaming.com Only after receiving your payment & mail channel will be created. Note: Owner rank won't be changed randomly upon your request, chose whom to be Owners when you pay rent. WE WONT START PROCESSING UR REQUEST UNTIL WE RECEIVE BOTH EMAIL & RGDS DON'T PM STAFF FOR THE SAME. ONCE YOU MADE THE TRANSACTION YOU WILL GET THE CHANNEL. There might be a processing delay of 24hrs*. ALL SALES ARE FINAL
  5. map id 2109
  6. MAP ID 2108
  7. map id 2107
  8. Cleared !Closed
  9. bug

    Sentry ward isnt supposed to give you vision . It is made that way.
  10. Your childish thread about game and stuff won't be entertained anymore. It's no different than a kid nagging for candies.I won't waste my time reading it. Next time when you want to post a report do it in a mature way but then if you don't and keep on flaming admin staffs/Religion your account shall be permanently banned from rgc. !Denied
  11. Flaming staff member is a serious offense and ban duration for such cases doesn't have any criteria. Ban is valid and will stay. !closed
  12. That's not a bug it is mean to be that way lol
  13. very less downloads !Denied
  14. Looking overally you yourself made situation dire. You must know Provoking a fight and fighter both are equal criminals. None could stand calmly when they get abused with their real life images in public. It could have been resolved in the forum but then flaming/trash talking in public is counted as a serious offense and clearly bannable. I Assume you learned from what you did. You all are here for the game so know your limits and just play games. Abusing globals for not being happy with their decision is the wrong way to prove yourself innocent. #Flaming is not the ultimate solution to resolve. #Flaming can lead the situation to dire. If it cannot be solved by x global there's a forum and a higher admin to look over the case which you can always appeal via Abuse section with strong counter details related to the case. This shall be the ultimate chance and we hope you learn from your mistake but an apology is a must towards Mount&Blade . Computerban has been lifted. Happy gaming! !closed
  15. Just connect 2nd time.