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  1. Your Display Name: Rin_NoharaReported Display Name: DeCLueCLueRoom: asia publicReplay: 38:40 Reason: leaver
  2. Your Display Name: Rin_NoharaReported Display Name: cluster_vcsRoom: asia publicReplay: 08:45 Reason: leaver
  3. Your Display Name: Rin_NoharaReported Display Name: small0-0Room: asia publicReplay: 28:22 Reason: leaver
  4. Your Display Name: Rin_NoharaReported Display Name: nighthunder, TAARRUUBB, R4st4f4r14nRoom: asia publicReplay: 34:48, 34:55, 34:27 Reason: leaver
  5. Your Display Name: Rin_NoharaReported Display Name: Oblivion_4444_Room: asia publicReplay: 39:27 Reason: leaver
  6. Your Display Name: Rin_NoharaReported Display Name: user12345:PRoom: asia publicReplay: 30:20Reason: leaver
  7. Your Display Name: Rin_NoharaReported Display Name: Cereal_Killer*Room: asia publicReplay: 34:18Reason: leaver
  8. Sorry don't mean to confuse you but my RGC GAME USER is "Rin_Nohara". my forum user is "Sima-Guang"
  9. ok typed.
  10. then why was i kicked out? did he ask somebody to kick me out for him? it must be. also after getting kicked out, i tried to relog and join channel again successfully. but when i start warcraft 3 there was some error message about directx and my warcraft ( i don't remember ) but somehow i manage to open warcraft but the problem lies in joining a game which i can't....
  11. I forgot to say when I got kicked out, a message displayed "SHUT YOUR DOG CUNT MOUTH"
  12. I FOUND IT ( THE PARSER ) here is the link: his name: Cop_飘逸风 You can see the chat history: from 24:14 to 25:04 He threatened to ban me from logging in RGC. After the game, he kicked me out of the asia public channel. I log in RGC again and successfully join channel but can't play... since i can't join game.
  13. by the way, i just tried joining EU PUBLIC games, still the same thing. i can't join. i automatically leave after joining. i think the problem really lies with that guy who said "you won't be playing rgc" that guy has to do with my failure to play. again, my rgc game name is "Rin_Nohara" please kindly check my last game if not my last few games. his name has the word "cop" in it or something and used ENIGMA hero.
  14. wait you checked the wrong username. my rgc game username is "Rin_Nohara" the player name has "cop" part of his name or something. he used hero ENIGMA.
  15. Hi. I have the latest map downloaded and ever since i started using rgc ( like 3 months ago ) it always had a question mark despite me having the map, when i join, then the question mark turns into the dota picture. but now when i join, i leave automatically and see a list of hosted games again. anyways, i did redownlaod my map ( 6.88vx ) i deleted and downloaded a new 6.88vx into my warcraft 3 folder but unfortunately nothing changes. as for WC3, i can't seem to uninstall it because ( there's no warcraft 3 in the uninstall programs shown ) so i just deleted m warcraft 3 folder and redownloaded warcraft 3 from the link you provided. but still to no avail, i still can't play dota because again, when i join, i leave automatically bringing me back to the same warcraft 3 page where i can see games hosted and my name above. as for directX, i tried to download it from the link you gave, and it said "you already have latest version of directx so download is not necessary" still nothing works. just so you know, i might need to tell you this but this happened ( can't join game ) only AFTER a certain incident happened. i think i offended some random player because i was rude to him because he wasn't helping team. and he said "1 more time and you won't be playing rgc" but i didn't care and was continuously rude to him and he was like "okay" meaning he was gonna do something that wouldn't do well for me. right after the game, i was kicked out of the channel ( asia public ) and a message popped up cursing at me. so I immediately opened up RGC again and rejoin the channel. but didn't try playing again until today when i discovered that i can't join games. this incident happened yesterday or two days ago ( i can't remember ) i can't remember that player's name... but if im not wrong he has "cop" in his name or something. he used the hero "enigma". you can check out my last gameplay or last few games i've played because he must be in 1 of them, find out who he is because maybe he has something to do with my failure to play.