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  1. Wrong section, post here for Philippines Unban request :- !closed.
  2. Wrong section, post your unban request for LoD Asia here :- !closed.
  3. !closed.
  4. !closed.
  5. !denied. From the gamelog & replay it doesn't seems you have been disconnected from the game & your banhistory makes it crystal clear that leaving game isn't something new for you as well. Ban will not be removed you'll wait for your ban to be expired & till then learn some lesson as well. !closed.
  6. !denied. No random vouches only Team Vouches are allowed. !closed.
  7. Make a new thread for vouch again. !closed.
  8. ya ya...i understood everything. !closed.
  9. From looking at your acc illusionerx you don't seem to be a new user & from checking the IP it doesn't seems those acc are different users it shows all acc is being used by same user anyways your ban is valid & it'll not be removed. And for assist till your ban period is not over you can play in /j Philippines or /j Pacific in the mean time. !closed.
  10. ban

    Wrong section, post your ban request for Iran LoD here :- !closed.
  11. This isn't the right section to post for unban request kindly check on which section you are posting.
  12. !denied. Your previous bans are valid & legit to clear your banhistory you musn't have any valid bans from before then only it can be cleared. !closed.
  13. !denied. Your ban is valid along with your old ban. !closed.
  14. If you are posting here for clearing your ban-histories it won't be cleared since your bans are legit & valid & if you are actually posting here for your unban request this isn't the right section to appeal for it. You can appeal for your unban request in Iran Room here :- !closed.
  15. Autoban is a program which is designed to ban leavers usually & it runs according to the system installed inside the software. And in your case you were banned by a staff & when a staff bans a user they ban according to the channel rules while Autoban is a system it doesn't bans according to the channel rules it bans according to the ratio of it. And if you feel the ban was unfair you can appeal for unban request here :- This isn't the section to appeal for an unban request this section is for Clearing Banhistory that too if the bans are invalid. !closed.