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  1. All the bugs will be fixed soon as possible the map author working on all the bugs at the same time to make a new pure release map of the bugs.
  2. http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/697-unban-request/
  3. It is really strange because once u register an account on the RGC, it creates automatically a forum account too. Can you contact me at the RGC? /w #Medivh I'll fix it for you. Or try this use " Null&Void " name and password to log-in on the forum.
  4. Seems like you mistyped your account name because I searched for it on the RGC and the results was as you see down. [ERROR] The specified username doesn't exist.
  5. IGN: #Medivh Reporting: @Ace Reason: Abusing admin commands in a public game. Evidence: https://prnt.sc/jivn1h I asked before reporting to avoid the inconvenience. https://prnt.sc/jhq8yk
  6. http://rankedgaming.com/board/forum/278-denuncias/
  7. I can see your flag under your profile picture and you can't see mine xd?
  8. Use your account name not display name to log-in and make sure you are using correct account name and password.
  9. ban

  10. Map: 6.88vX Bugged Hero Name: Pugna Explanation: I was playing with tiny and when Pugna steal the life(Pugan's 6) and I use manta his ulti keep working and reveal the real illusion. (I don't have the reply but you may test it, it will not take 2 mins from your time.)
  11. Nice words you picked there. Welcome to the RGC.
  12. Try to install these programs that on the screenshot... Uploaded by @Spy If didn't work, as the staff mentioned above re-install the RGC and try again if didn't work make sure you have any version of netframework.
  13. It is really nice to still see more people still care about the RGC. A useful idea and good luck to script it.
  14. Your RGC iGN : #Medivh Abuser : VolCtNoA Room : Middle East Ban Type : local ban - 1 day. Reason that your innocent : They kept highlighting me and pissed me off and as you will see on the screenshots another player was pissed too, I said "stupid noobs" without mentioning any name then he banned me. https://prnt.sc/igyyzc
  15. Make sure you have DirectX installed if yes then follow these steps... Go into your game directory and check if War3.exe is there not deleted by anti-virus or missing. Re-open the RGC & Warcraft 3 Re-install Warcraft 3 & RGC. For more solutions head into this link,