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  1. Winter is comming. you know nothing @KoolSaVaS . @baron.rivendare after you are done with your childish attacks and realizing how bad you failed and how you made it impossible for your grandchildren to login to rgc just keep it mind that The north remembers.
  2. You are reporting ace for flaming cedric and hakka? Thread closed .
  3. And thats exactly how you know someone is a complete braindead idiot . You should spend more time at school to learn proper english . That was my first suggestion for you , my second suggestion is that you go and get a life , my third suggestion is more to a tip , our ban system doesnt work on mac address , so you just proved yourself being an idiot who cant bypass . I Hope you like the ban reason i just added on your computer , im sure i do Thread closed.
  4. BadAssNIGGA has been unbanned by Charbel. Your Next Skill abuse ban will be permanent .
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