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    Banner Designed by : Hakka Registration Format : Confirm your Team with only : Hakka , Enigma , Genesis , Lupin , Froz , Yiyo , xmighty Ranks and Rgds Cannot be transferred , make sure you play with your original Account. Tournament Brought to you by RANKED GAMING CLIENT (Where Gaming Matters) Special Thanks to Admin (Roger) , Charbel , zozozoe Win or Lose Play Fairly. May the best team win!!
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    Nickname YmaTcHoO Country : Syria Hero : Shadow fiend Description : ultra kill without team assisting . in ulti was which 35/42 souls . Time of replay : 25:33:~26:00 W3 version : 1.26 Replay parser link. http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1537381865
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    Team Name: iGT (In God We Trust )Team Captain : HakkaTeam Members : Ciel , Sweety^hy , Ayano Reserve : , EraCaptain's Valid Email address : [email protected]
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    با سلام دوستانی که علاقه مند به ادمین شدن در روم ایران لود هستند می توانند در اینجا درخواست های خود را ارسال کنند شرایط : داشتن تیم اسپیک برای آموزش های اولیه و جلسات هفتگی داشتن وقت کافی بین 2-6 ساعت داشتن قدرت همکاری با همکاران فرم درخواست : UserName : Sen : Chera mikhahid be team vared shavid : Time Online Tozihat ezafe : .توجه : در صورت ارسال بیش از یکبار پست در این تاپیک بدون ارزیابی اولیه از روند استخدام حذف خواهید شد
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    (EU) Imbadota Monthly Event Rewards Frist top 3 players who get the most games will win the Event 1st) 200 RGDs + RPG Champion ( 250 + Games ) 2nd) 100 RGDs + RPG Champion (150 + Games ) 3rd) 50 RGDS + RGDs Champion (100 + Games) How to Register IGN : No!Rules Date: xx/xx/xxxx You can check your Game https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LwvFbBQN5DYW8A1kuv4rGZsAyWw6LCs6ywZ_e_DAl04/edit?usp=sharing Note: Your Games should be hosted like the following. * Only host names with (EU) ImbaDotA #1 / (EU) imba #1 / will be counted If you are 2 players, You should host like; (EU) imba #19 , #26 * Only Registered Players can win. * Games will be counted on the day you registered. * Only 10 min + Games will be counted Rules *Multi acc is not allowed , If we found any user with multi acc will be banned for a long period *Any kind of cheating in Event will be disqualified or maybe banned * Event will start from september 25 and it will end in october 25 Special Thanks to Hakka , Ayman & Ace for making this event possible
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    Your RGC iGN : ___Wisky^^| Abuser : #DanGer http://admin.rankedgaming.com/accounts/room-ban-history.php?m=2&var=242370046 Room : Iran CS Ban Type : Illegal Adv Reason that your innocent : WE all know middle east can adv in all rooms iran or middle east channels , and this guy without warning me even he comes and banned me. Proof http://prntscr.com/kvkzig we can adv in iran channels With permission from SirQ and LordCyrax . I do not care much about punishing. him but I want to clear my ban history please Thanks!
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    My acc : #seyed rep acc: omid1412(2) Dc shod 5131140 Gid room iran lod
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    Ranked Gaming Client LoD Asia Staff Recruitment RGC LoD Asia is the largest and most active LoD room in Asia region led by a passionate , professional yet friendly group of LoD Asia Staff. We are searching for 5 new members to join our staff panel due to continued growth. Prerequisites: ➪ Must have reasonable banhistory (no hacker or scammer bans) ➪ Must be a RGC player for longer than 3 months ➪ Must be familiar with LoD and LoD Asia Team Captain rules ➪ Must not be staff in other LoD rooms Staff Roles: ➪ Set good examples for players & uphold staff reputation ➪ Actively promote LoD Asia room presence on RGC ➪ Educate and assist players on rules, problems & requests ➪ Reply forum threads and process channel reports Selection Criteria: ➪ Activity/online hours ➪ Familiarity with rules and commands/previous experience as a staff will be favourably looked upon ➪ Passion for LoD and LoD Asia channel ➪ Personal maturity including attitude , manner , willingness to learn & contribute & communication skills ➪ Ability to fit into a team environment and work without supervision Questionnaire: Sample for illustrative purposes only ➪ Your RGC IGN: [z]ombi[e] ➪ Your name , age & gender: John Smith , 21 , Male ➪ Your country of location: India ➪ Your online RMT time: from RMT 9:00 to 15:00 ➪ Rate your English from 1-10: 8.5 ➪ Introduce yourself to us: I am a friendly gamer with nice manners, never making troubles ➪ Share some experience as a staff (if any): I have been a staff of (asia) public since 2016 ➪ What would you do under these circumstances: 1. A player calls you noob in a LoD Game I call him noob 2. A player calls you noob in LoD Asia chat lobby I ban him 2 hours 3. You have a problem with LoD Asia Channel Manager I add him to ignorelist About the staff recruitment: ➪ Application closes on October 5, 2018 at 11:59 PM RMT ➪ 5 new staffs will be selected ➪ Whispering channel staff begging to be chosen will not help candidates ➪ Questions regarding the selection criteria & questionnaire can be directed to [email protected]___* or apexလ Thank you for your interest and on-going support. Lod Asia Staff Team
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    unban me chance daram Leaver Pls
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    My acc : #seyed rep acc: born69 Dc shod 5131140 Gid room iran lod
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    My acc : #seyed rep acc: Anten125 Dc shod 5131100 Gid room iran lod
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    My acc : #seyed rep acc: H003R^ gid: http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=lod&id=5117525 room iran lod
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    My acc : #seyed rep acc: DUCE_FA gid: 5117110 room iran lod Namard khareji bood aval in bande khoda 4 ro Nefrin kard bad Fosh dad
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    Name map: Fight Of Characters 9.6BO3 Type map: Hero Arena Link Map: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/280750/ @Hakka Please SIR
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    Your RGC Username: Thror Abuser RGC Username: CedricRoom Name : (EU) PublicExplain your situation: Unacceptable behavior from someone who got title RGC Senior Staff. I really hope someone will react to this behavior and solve it once and for all since this user has been reported many times. Reactions to this should not be like before (ban 15d, after 3d his banhistory totally cleared and he keep abusing). @Hakka @Charbel @Admin http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=57174701 12:24 SENTINEL Cedric !pingall 12:25 SENTINEL Cedric motherfucker 12:26 SENTINEL Cedric syrian 14:53 SENTINEL Cedric son of a whore 15:57 SENTINEL Cedric go 15:57 SENTINEL Cedric fuck 15:59 SENTINEL Cedric ur dead mother 16:01 SENTINEL Cedric somewhere else 16:03 SENTINEL Cedric syrian garbage 28:59 SENTINEL Cedric poor dog 29:06 SENTINEL Cedric son of a syrian 29:07 SENTINEL Cedric incest 29:08 SENTINEL Cedric child 35:52 SENTINEL Cedric shut your stupid chinese mouth before i ban you Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58759338 18:45 ALLCHAT Cedric Son of low race 19:01 ALLCHAT Cedric i bet your arab 19:43 ALLCHAT Cedric stfu low race 35:59 SCOURGE Cedric !pingall 36:04 ALLCHAT Cedric son of a makedonian whore 36:14 ALLCHAT Cedric another low race Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58745616 04:19 SENTINEL Cedric !pingall 04:32 ALLCHAT Cedric iranian low race 05:02 ALLCHAT Cedric stfu peasant 05:39 ALLCHAT Cedric when donald trump will bomb ur house 05:44 ALLCHAT Cedric explain the US marines 05:47 ALLCHAT Cedric ur not iranian Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58516287 36:06 SENTINEL Cedric low race 38:14 ALLCHAT Cedric dogshit 38:34 SENTINEL Cedric !pingall 38:40 ALLCHAT Cedric turkish incest child 38:42 ALLCHAT Cedric pick stryg 38:48 ALLCHAT Cedric easy hero 38:52 ALLCHAT Cedric for terrorist 38:54 ALLCHAT Cedric like u 39:23 ALLCHAT Cedric go pray to erdogan 39:51 ALLCHAT Cedric within 10years 39:57 ALLCHAT Cedric your country will be in ruins Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=57647574 27:46 SENTINEL Cedric !pingall 27:51 SENTINEL Cedric necro 27:57 ALLCHAT Cedric u win soon 27:59 ALLCHAT Cedric arab swine 33:01 ALLCHAT Cedric poor tryhard dogs 33:06 ALLCHAT Cedric typical chinese dogs Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58771116 17:57 SENTINEL Cedric !pingall 17:59 SENTINEL Cedric huskar 18:00 SENTINEL Cedric leave 18:05 SENTINEL Cedric low race 18:15 SENTINEL Cedric leave 18:16 SENTINEL Cedric dog 18:33 SENTINEL Cedric son of a lebanese swine 18:51 SENTINEL Cedric typical lebanese gay Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58509879 16:25 SENTINEL Cedric low race 37:39 ALLCHAT Cedric pathetic jordanian dog 38:49 ALLCHAT Cedric u talk nonsense 38:53 ALLCHAT Cedric its ok ur jordanian Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=57918920 25:34 SENTINEL Cedric !pingall 25:39 SENTINEL Cedric lebanese ofc 28:00 SENTINEL Cedric lebanese dog 28:03 SENTINEL Cedric fucking lowbrain 36:12 SENTINEL Cedric fucking gipsy Next Game http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=57162701 09:51 SENTINEL Cedric you are banned 09:52 SENTINEL Cedric iranian dog 13:27 SENTINEL Cedric iranian 13:28 SENTINEL Cedric dogs 27:51 SENTINEL Cedric bulgarian animal 30:53 SENTINEL Cedric bulgarian cancer 37:41 ALLCHAT Cedric poor makedonian dog ancient picker And so on.... Many users from those Gamelogs got Banned or PC Banned just because he don't like their "GamePlay" which can be seen on chat and in their (ruined) banhistory after game. Even when some staff is in the game he insult his race with no respect whatsoever. http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58762282 20:43 ALLCHAT Cedric low race ursa picker 20:49 SCOURGE Cedric !pingall 20:54 ALLCHAT Cedric ofc serbian 24:29 SCOURGE Cedric !pingall 24:37 ALLCHAT Cedric low 24:39 ALLCHAT Cedric Race 32:13 ALLCHAT Cedric LOW 32:14 ALLCHAT Cedric RACE 37:06 ALLCHAT Cedric low 37:07 ALLCHAT Cedric Race
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    فروشگاه RGC ایران -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- درود به دوستان عزیز برای خواندن این پست بصورت صحیح وارد سایت شوید و زبان سایت رو فارسی کنید قبل از خرید هر چیز جهت آشنایی با آیتم های RGC به این لینک مراجه کنید آیتم های مربوط به فروشگاه آر.جی.سی وقابلیت آنها : Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- قیمت RGD جهت خرید طبق لینک بالا برای فعال کردن آیتم های RGC به RGD نیاز دارید تیم مدیرتی ایران کمترین و مناسب ترین قیمت RGD را برای کاربران ایرانی در نظر گرفته است که به شرح زیر است 10RGDs = 90000 Rial 50RGDs = 400000 Rial 100RGDs = 800000 Rial 200RGDs = 1550000 Rial 250RGDs = 1800000 Rial 500RGDs = 3500000 Rial آیتم های ویژه یک ماهه ( شامل تیم کاپیتان ، رنک 49 ، رنگ اختصاصی ) Patron (Iran Dota) = 800000 Rial Patron (Iran Lod) = 800000 Rial مژده مژده! ازین پس شما با آیتم گلد ممبری که فقط از شاپ ایران خرید کنید می توانید در یکی از روم های ایران به دلخواه مقام تیم کاپیتان برای ساختن هاست اختصاصی خود دریافت کنید!! Gold member 1 mahe: 400000 Rial = 50 RGDs نکته : خرید تعداد زیاد آر.جی.دی شامل تخفیف خواهد شد -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- نحوه خرید RGD برای خریدن آر جی دی به ادمین خاورمیانه یعنی LordCyrax دارای رنک 4000 در روم های ایران مراجعه کنید حتما قبل از انجام کاری بر روی اسم LordCyrax کلیک کرده و روی گزینه Profile بزنید اگر دارای مقامی به نام MiddleEast Admin بود میتوانید کار خود را ادامه دهید عکسی از پروفایل ایران ادمین در آر.جی.سی عکس پروفایل ایران ادمین : Link یاجهت سریع کردن کارخود بصورت زیر عمل کنید باید حساب کنید که میزان RGD درخواستی شما چند هزار ریال میشود برای خرید RGD و فعال کردن آیتم مورد نظر باید اول مبلغ تعداد RGD مورد نظر خود را , واریز کنید طبق مراحل زیر لینک زیر را باز کرده پرداخت به خدمات شاپ آر جی سی : Link بعد از باز کردن لینک بالا موارد را طبق مثال زیر پر کنید مبلغ (ضروری) ریال در اینجا مبلغی که در ازای آن RGD میخواهید را وارد کنید به ریال نام و نام خانوادگی پرداخت کننده (ضروری) نام و نام خانوادگی خود را وارد کنید موبایل شما برای پیامک رسید پرداخت (اختیاری) شماره موبایل جهت دریافت رسید و پیگیری در صورت بوجود آمدن مشکل بابت یا توضیحات (اختیاری) در این بخش نام اکانت RGC خود را بصورت صحیح وارد کنید جهت انتقال RGD تایید و ادامه را زده و بصورت اینترنتی پرداخت کنید نکته : بعد از پرداخت ظرف نهایت 12 ساعت اکانت شما شارژ میشود نکته : در صورت عدم ارسال RGD یا بروز مشکل به همان اکانت LordCyrax در آر.جی.سی پیام بدید نکته : برای خرید رنک patron قبل از پرداخت با اکانت LordCyrax در ارتباط باشید تذکر : ما هیچ گونه مسولیتی در قبال کلاه برداری های اکانت های مشابه و یا دیگر بازیکنانی که اقدام به خرید و فروش میکنند نداریم . در صورت مشاهده اکانت های با اسم مشابه LordCyrax و یا هر گونه اکانت های دیگر که از شما درخواست پول ,قصد فروش آر.جی.دی و یا درخواست رمز اکانت شما را دارند سریعا به یکی از ادمین های آنلاین در روم های ایران گزارش دهید. با تشـــــــــــــکر --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Display Name: Elwind` Age:16 Sabeghe: Sabeghe Admini Dar bazi az room hay irani TimeOnline: 2zohr ta 1 shab phone Number: 0936 578 9319
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    banned H_Unique_H is now timebanned from this channel until 14:01 on 01/10/2018
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    You need to learn to behave yourself. It's not the first time you have been banned for your behavior. ban is valid and will stay.
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    Sentences like that arent fine, but players raging a few times when they get mad. And we dont ban flames within a level. One or two flames will be tollerated. Otherwise we would ban everyone. I talked to him, he got trashtalked after game at europe public chat. Even you bigbadboss and this baltazar,tv are trashtalking him many time at eu pub. I suggest you guys to stop and leave him alone. Whats you problem? Are you there to play or to stalk other players games and trashtalk them? You werent even in the game you are reporting. !Denied cause to less flame to ban. !Closed
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    Lool he banned you twice for leaving but it's the same game with a different topic Both topics having different GID the other topic reporting another player with different GID @Casper
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    YourSoulOnFire reporting: -BigBadBoss- On another account during a 15 days ban on my main -BigBadBoss-P.S. After this game I got banned again even on this account -StatusQuo- for flaming lulz... as I do care :P.. RGC is dead and they still want to make it die even more stupid ignorant terrorists RIP RGC bypass + offended RGC ( stupid ignorant terrorists RIP RGC ) https://imgur.com/a/363NNCR you'll find this link in his description the funny thing he's reporting other people for nationalism and racism lol
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    It was obvious when he asked you to say a number that he was gonna ban you. You should have said 0.1 (1hour). Since he calls you his son. He is your father. Therefore he is insulting himself. /facepalm
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    my acc: Leon_Game_AP amo***** report↑ reason : leaver room : iran lod madrak(game id):5157001
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    My username : STORM Threas are being deleted most probably by himself - Cedric , the thread from player -BigBadboss- is not solved and it will just keep going ,insulting on racist matter than giving ban to the guy which he insulted and then repeated all this above in another game. Link of replay: 1. http://prntscr.com/kvle3w 2. Insulting staff ingame chat from that part :https://prnt.sc/kvlejq 3. Game id http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58796191
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    ➪ Your RGC IGN: Hasun- ➪ Your name , age & gender: Jason Vicencio , 21 , Male ➪ Your country of location: Philippines ➪ Your online RMT time: from RMT 7:30 to 14:00 ➪ Rate your English from 1-10: 8 ➪ Introduce yourself to us: I am a responsible, friendly gamer that have respect to other RGC player/Dota player. I'll do my very best to handle/support LoD Asia Channel. ➪ Share some experience as a staff (if any): None ➪ What would you do under these circumstances: 1. A player calls you noob in a LoD Game I'll ignore him. 2. A player calls you noob in LoD Asia chat lobby I'll ignore him also. 3. You have a problem with LoD Asia Channel Manager I will talk to him nicely and have full respect. And we will sort this problem out.
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    Denied Leaver 3 Shamel Ban nist Closed
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    !confirmed 1.player DADASLAR left the game on purpose 2.player <(GOD_LIKE)> (Butcher) left the game on purpose at min (8:45) 3.player diabllo1312 (blood seeker) left the game on purpose at min (12:20) http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58826134 DADASLAR is now timebanned from this channel until 11:47 on 21/09/2018 <(GOD_LIKE)> is now timebanned from this channel until 11:48 on 21/09/2018 diabllo1312 is now timebanned from this channel until 11:48 on 21/09/2018 closed.
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    my acc ghost~hunter report : KiNg_PaNtHeR game id : #5137543
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    ¡ՐLord_BreakƓσԃƑąȶɧεՐ: !timeban im..moz 7d leaver http://rankedgaming.com/board/topic/453298-leaver/ im..moz is now timebanned from this channel until 19:01 on 25/09/2018 im..moz has been kicked by Lord_Break.
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    Team Name:ൠ戰神ൠTeam Members : ayano CN_FLY Heartbeat- vegetbird001 cffff000098. Sweety^hy
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    you are already vouched again , and the staff will be warned Thanks for your report closed
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    !denied you got banned coz of flaming while u didnt want to help your mates closed
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    5d Banned Closed
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    Denied ReliAbility Was Above 80 Closed
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    my id : Blue___Sky his id: KAMIKAZE_051 reason: leaver game id: 5128656
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    در دقیقه 51:36 آیا واقعا فحاشی ناموسی نمیدونید چی هست ؟ فحاشی شامل آنبن نمیشود مگر اینکه شخص رضایت دهد. بسته شد.
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    AGL Weekly Season Tournament Replays :- Week 3 16th September 2018 Sunday Round 1 Team Name :- Excellent Gamers Vs GangRape Replay :- http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1537092614 Winner :- Excellent Gamers Team Name :- Newbee Vs ru6ers Replay :- http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1537093423 Winner :- Newbee Semi-Finals Team Name :- Fierce Mabangis Vs Newbee Replay :- http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1537096151 Winner :- Fierce Mabangis Team Name :- DotA Vs Excellent Gamers Replay :- http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1537097676 Winner :- DotA Finals Best Of 1 Team Name : DotA Vs Fierce Mabangis Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1537100768 Winner: Fierce Mabangis AGL September Season Weekly Tournament Bracket :- https://asiagamingleague.challonge.com/16thSeptember2018 Tour Managed / Hosted By AGL Staffs
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    Tournament Bracket: https://challonge.com/LoDAsiaBOTLP2 (replays as attachments) Supreme Champion: DOnotCRy (MN) 3AAHMNN / GNAE / ugudei / WaRz0nE-Z / GTO-Nazarick Worthy Adversary: Konbaung Dynasty (MM) PhinChaMaung / Fap-at-night / Phin-Kai-Mg / Phin-Nite-Mg / Icefrog^Hero Bronze: ViE Heroes (VN) Blackfirer / Taihen / sk.darealeast / Siprach / Vital.HaleyVN Many thanks for your participation teams & best of luck in the tournaments to come. Special thanks to Charbel , Hakka , Mount&Blade & RGC.Team for bringing us this LoD tournament. LoD Asia.Staff
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    5d Banned CLosed
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    all this is somehow coming out because I see you all you do many times just flaming people on rgc, players who don't care about you, you just hl and put them down like someone put you down all your life now you brining some justice to the world? feeling better about yourself? you'r a dog 'pal', u'll see it sooner or later.
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    Did you color the text or with copy it gets colored by default?
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    درود بر شما کاربران و دوستان گرامی طی درخواست های پی در پی دوستان که هی میان پی وی می پرسن ادمین این بخش کیه ادمین اون بخش کیه تصمیم گرفتیم لیست مدیر های روم رو اینجا بزنیم. نکته:برای حل شدن هر چه سریع تر مشکل خود لطفا به ادمین مربوط به هر بخش پیام دهید LordCyrax Chivalri MaX...DRaGoN weedeolsd HaMeD Shreyder Alizebel Kykeon Iran.lod naix4mine largen [email protected] ´[unbroken]` zodiace #danger ajekt lord_break sed_mamad_khire hipofiz mevsworld nima_delete ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Abuse Section Admin : ´[unbroken]` Abuse Section Staff Members :lord_break-ajekt-#danger-mevsworld-hipofiz Leaver Section Admin : zodiace Leaver Section Staff Members :lord_break-ajekt-sed_mamad_khire-nima_delete GameLogs Leaver Section Admin :largen GameLogs Leaver Section Staff Members :zodiace-´[unbroken]`[email protected] Game Ruining Section Admin : [email protected] Gameruining Secon Staff Members :naix4mine-largen-#danger Promotion & Demotion Team Captain Section Admin : Iran.lod Promotion & Demotion Section Staff Members : naix4mine-largen Unban Section Admin : Kykeon Unban Section Staff Members : naix4mine-largen