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    User:shockº²¹ Age:18 phone number:09300414148 9:00sobh ta 12 6 ta 9 shab az 12 shab ta 4 shologh kardan room va healper
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    no need to unban anomore fucking ur mother and grand mother stupid zozozoe Maphaker And abuser staff and fucking this ansherli beatifull mother with hes family fucking this abuser client
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    /j Iran clanwar
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    سلام مجدد خدمت ممبرهای گرامی و عزیز دوستان بسیاری سوال میپرسن که چگونه میتونن عکس پروفایل خودشونو تغییر بدن اینجا مرحله به مرحله و با رسم شکل روش تغییر عکس پروفایل رو توضیح دادم. امیدوارم که مفید باشه. 1. ابتدا عکس مورد نظر رو در سایتی مثل http://uupload.ir/ آپلود کنید و ماندگاری رو "دائمی" انتخاب کنید: 2. لینک مستقیم فایل رو کپی کنید 3. سپس RGC رو باز کنید 4. به قسمت Menu در پایین RGC برید 5. سپس بخش Profile رو باز کنید 6. در قسمت Avatar، لینک عکس رو قرار بدید. 7. سپس Submit changes رو بزنید 8. یک بار از فروم و RGC کاملا Sign out کنید و دوباره Sign in کنید 9. عکس شما قرار داده میشود در صورتی که توضیحات مفید بود، لطفا به این نوشته امتیاز بدهید. (سمت چپ پایین نوشته،، علامت سبز رنگ) Good Luck
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    Title: Ban Username Reason Your RGC Username:Reporting (Username) :Reason : GameID: مثال نام اکانت شما:LordCyrax نام اکانت شخص خاطی:,RuBicK دلیل:لیور یا همان خارج شدن از بازیGameID: یــا Title: Ban Ruвicĸ Leaver Your RGC Username: LordCyraxReporting : ,RuBicKRoom : IranReason : Leaver GameID: نکته مهم: آموزش پیدا کردن GameID را در لینک زیر ببینید: چگونه گیم آیدی را پیدا کنیم؟ نکـــته :برای درخواست بن کسی که فحاشی کرده سعی کنید تایم فحاشی ها را هم قرار دهید. نکته 2 : از تاریخ 01.12.2017 برای ریپورت فحاشی یا لیور، فقط GameID یا لینک Ladder مورد قبول است و ریپورتهایی که برای فحاشی و لیور از لینک پارسر استفاده کنند، رد میشوند. نکـــته 3 : تنها یک دلیل (Reason) برای هر درخواست قابل قبول میباشد در صورت مشاهده درخواست با چند دلیل درخواست رد خواهد شد. نکـــته 4 : زمان اعتبار هر گیم برای ریپورت دادن 2روز بعد از آن می باشد و پس از آن, گیم اعتباری نخواهد داشت و ریپورت رد خواهد شد. (به جز موارد تبانی) نکته 5 : برای ریپورت موارد خراب کردن بازی، حتما باید ریپلی را آپلود کنید و در ریپورت قرار دهید. علاوه بر آپلود ریپلی، توضیحات مربوط را هم به طور کامل ارائه دهید. برای مثال، در صورت ریپورت feed، زمان کیل دادنهای عمدی بازیکن، یا برای ریپورت شکستن آیتم ها، زمان انجام این کار را قرار دهید.
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    Ranked Gaming Client SGL Staff Recruitment [SGL] Shimi Gaming League is one of the most exciting rooms here on RGC with non-stop rgds events, daily events, weekly tournaments and plenty of prizes on offer brought to you by Shimi[TH]. Opportunities have risen to look for active & dedicated staff. Staff Roles ✔ Advertising and promoting room ✔ Moderating room chat & hosting games ✔ Helping players with vouch & setting TC ✔ Remove inactive members and game ruiners ✔ Assisting channel managers with tournaments and other ad hoc duties Requirements Must be a member of RGC for at least 6 months Must be familiar with RGC rules & admin commands Must have a reasonable banhistory (No hack , scam or rank abuse bans) Must be friendly to all players & fellow staff and mature enough to make the right decisions ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ If this is you, please start to fill the application and provide true information where possible Application Form Your RGC display name: How can you contribute to SGL: Why should we select you: Additional Information Your name (not obligatory): Age: Country : Languages you speak : Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: How often active are you: Where do you play (cafe, home, office): # Important Notice: Staff who does not fit into the team will be unvouched without prior notice. Many thanks for your interest and good luck! SGL ManagerA , SGL.Team , Boss.Team
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    Pin! Good Luck Everyone !
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    Denunciante: [x]--RaperiToOW Denunciado : XxX_SCADY_XxX Motivo : Feeder y Antigamer Falta cometida : el player . XxX_SCADY_XxX en minuto 16 regala items y se deja matar para luego kitear. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1516457764
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    Denunciante: [x]--RaperiToOW Denunciado : thu_landeo Motivo : ANTIGAMER Falta cometida : el player . the_landeo Fedea en minuto 6 para adelante. se deja matar para armar al enemigo. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1516084154
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    Denunciante: WoO-DoTa|-RapeR Denunciado : 维Vendetta维 Motivo : RMK sin Razon Falta cometida : el Host . 维Vendetta维 manda RMK sin razon. Dice si me matan doy RMK . minuto 3 Espero tomen en cuenta mi denuncia. ya que pregunte a muchos staff. y no quisieron ayudar. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1510973657
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    Nick: Mohican0 Infração: O player não respeitou o pedido do pause do Blood e nem o meu pedido. Print: Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1518646483
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    Nick: EliteeNavarro Print: Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1518462183
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    [06:38] ۰ɪʀᴀɴపExpriMenT: !timeban GAD_of_craft 10d Intentional Feed http://rankedgaming.com/board/topic/233040-feeder/ GAD_of_craft is now timebanned from this channel until 05:19 on 18/02/2018
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    PTPA. he was asking for buyer of his rgds he said that if i send him 200php he give me 70rgds but he only gives me 10rgds. i posted it here because i want to find them all that ᴄʜᴏʟsツ is a kind of person we should not trust. he block me in Facebook and RGC so good luck guys don't ever trust that bullshit .
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    Room: (Asia) Public Reported Name: Genesis This global staff 300 , rgc asia staff highlight me in asia public and call all chinese people noob and call asia admin @Ryu noob then call all chinese cunts and small eyes and when we call him to play he won't dare join host is this how a staff should behave ? insult all chinese people ? Chinese admin @zozozoe please check http://prntscr.com/i9ham1 http://prntscr.com/i9haow http://prntscr.com/i9hari http://prntscr.com/i9hau9 I don't know who this guy is, and never talked to him before, he highlight me from nowhere.
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    username: feed.girl baned reason: game ruiner im baned 15 day cuz i x my frnd mate servels time. plz unbaned me i promise i would not do it agian:/. tnx
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    7 Rooz Ban Shod. Close.
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    Te falta mucho para ser un Buen Staff,Buena suerte NOVATO!!!
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    Denunciante: WoO-DoTa|-RapeR Denunciado : R@sTaFinish Motivo : Antigamer Falta cometida : El player R@sTaFinish Fedea desde minuto 1 que empieza en game. dice que no le gusta ese Heroe que le toco. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1510344979
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    Denunciante: WoO-DoTa|-RapeR Denunciado : *-RATAYIN-* Motivo : Antigamer Falta cometida : El player *-RATAYIN-* Kunka se queda AFK desde minuto 22. para adelante en varias ocaciones y no ayuda al team. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1509944243
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    Denunciante: WoO-DoTa|-RapeR Denunciado : -Cayosa- Motivo : Antigamer Falta cometida : El player -Cayosa- sin motivo alguno empieza a Feedear desde el minuto que comenzó la partida. -Claramente en minuto 16 se puede ver como hace morir al a uno del team Aleatorio. -Me gustaría que vean bien el replay para darle ban por IP y que ya pueda entrar por buen tiempo. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1509081117
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    Denunciante: WoO-DoTa|-RapeR Denunciado : jkhsfjkhafj Motivo : Antigamer Falta cometida : El player jkhsfjkhafj .Mepo se deja matar en minuto 40 . anteriores minutos tambien se deja matar y mas adelante .tambien . Seria bueno que lo revisaran bien el replay. porque me parece que el HOST: [CrL]CØbRA† esta mamuteando, en su sala creada lo pone de enemigo. jugador jkhsfjkhafj no solo se deja matar si no tambien se queda AFK. en algunos momentos. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1505615433
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    Denunciante: WoO-DoTa|-RapeR Denunciado : ↓§p3çtr0↓ Motivo : Antigamer Falta cometida : El player ↓§p3çtr0↓ .Motrex se deja matar en minuto 6 . y mas adelante . revela posicion . ayuda al team enemigo. Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1505087286
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    Available Commands In Chat Game hosting !host name (you can colour your game name with !host |cff(color code)Name eg for red !host |cffff0000Charbel) #DO NOT host games with similar name to public Games name eg: !host (EU) Public , !host (asia) public Available Commands In Game Lobby Unhost: !unhost #Unhosts the game. Points: !Points #Checks the points of every player. Ping: !Ping #Checks the ping of every player. Swapping: !swap (slotnumber) (slotnumber) #Swaps a specific slot with another slot. Opening: !open (slotnumber) #Opens a specific slot number/s, user will be kicked but can rejoin. Kicking: !kick (slotnumber) #Kicks a specific slot number/s, kicked user won't be able to rejoin that game. Balance Players !balance Equals out the total points of sentinels and scourge shuffling the players in lobby. Setting Game Mode !mode ap (you can replace ap with any other modes below) (permitted modes: ap/sd/rd/cd/cm/ubcm/apzm/cmzm/sdzm) We don't recommend host to start game using !start command. However if you do make sure you tell about starting before you use the command. Start: !start Forcefully starts the game. #Only 5 vs 5 is allowed Start Force: !start force #Forcefully starts the game without checking players ping. #Only 5 vs 5 is allowed Available Commands In Game Muting: !Mute (slotnumber) #Mutes a specific user in a slot. Unmuting: !Unmute (slotnumber) #Unutes a specific user in a slot. Remaking: !rmk #Remakes the games without the loss nor addition of points. Do not remake without sufficient reason. #Do not remake after 5mins of game time. Do not use this command other than in your game. Use !ff/!votermk command instead. #Incase of gameruiners/afkers game can be remade up to 10 min mark in game time.Do not use !rmk if game is more than the mentioned timer.Do not use this command if it's not your host/Use !ff command instead. Voting Remake: !votermk #Votes remake, you can use this command in case there is no TC in game. #If firstblood hasn't been made yet, Game will be remade with 3 votes, after Firstblood game will be remade with 7 votes. Do not use TC commands in any games other than your hosted game.(These rules are not applicable for Paid Global Level 1500 and above) Credits : Charbel/RGC Staff